Sozopol is the most ancient seaside town in Bulgaria. The first settlements date back to IV-III century BC. Many anchors and stocks have been discovered in the town’s bay, a proof of active shipping since ancient times.

Apollonia, the ancient name of Sozopol, was a centre of highly developed culture.

The fortified wall of the town and the temple of Apollo are completely destroyed by the march of the Roman legions by Black Sea in 72 years BC. At the beginning of IV century the town returns its former glory and significance, its name is already Sozopolis. It has been Byzantine possession in the middle of V century, by the time of Khan Krum the town came again under Bulgarian possession and in 1453 under Turkish rule.

Today Sozopol is a tourist centre with ancient history, well-known for its atmosphere that brings from the old renascent houses.

In the northern part of the town is located the Imperial beach, to the south is located the sheltered beach of Paradise Bay, further south – Kavatsite and Harmanite beach is situated in the new town.